Lea's Bio

Growing up surviving the harsh cold winters of Scandinavia, Finland, Lea A.C. Fulton experienced the dramatic effect nature had on her skin. A lifetime of traveling throughout Europe, adapting to various climates, Lea searched for ingredients that would sooth and save her dry, sensitive skin and soon began blending her own natural beauty therapies to nourish her skin.  Looking fresh, youthful and radiant, Lea’s family and friends noticed and inquired about her glowing skin and she began mixing luxurious emulsions for her loved ones.  

With a career as an international television and film producer based in Finland, Lea continued to blend her own skincare solutions behind-the-scenes while developing and producing projects for Studio Moderna, Solar Films and popular European programs including The Weakest Link and Wanna Be A Movie Star. In 2006, Lea took her vast production experience, moved to Los Angles, California and established Seaside Media, LLC, a global media consulting and development firm. 

 Demand continued to grow for Lea’s personal skincare regime.  Inspired by the need for natural skincare solutions, Lea took her years of behind-the-scenes Scandinavian skincare research and development and launched her second independent business venture – L.A. Christine Holdings, LLC.  A luxury beauty company born of Mother Nature and human need, L.A. Christine is committed to creating the finest, natural skincare products.